Pro Auto Rubber

About Us Page

Pro Auto Rubber proudly started servicing the industry from 1995. Although it started with small, humble beginnings it has now expanded and grown into one of the largest industry leaders. We specialize from rubber extrusions to flocking profiles, to rubber and seal kits for various models of vehicles, to rubber grommets and inserts and hoses.
We strive to not only state that we offer most rubber products but that we proudly provide all forms made from various compounds that are available on the market. We constantly are upgrading our product ranges to ensure that we are always on the cutting edge of international trends and new technologies available.
Our Customers and Serviced Industries: 
We are able to service a variety of aspects of industries that require our rubber products from automotive industries to large commercial industries. We are proud to offer our clients over 100 years of combined experience from our team of experts.
We are able to serve throughout South Africa. We strive to provide all our customers with the best quality of service ensuring we stay true to the heartbeat of our slogan:
“Total Sealing Solutions.”