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If you have an older car that you are trying to still maintain, but you are struggling to find replacement rubbers for the windscreens or doors, come to Pro Auto Rubber today. We manufacture and supply a wide range car rubber sealing kits that are perfectly suited for your needs.

Car rubber sealing kits we offer:
  • VW beetle (1958 – 1979)
  • VW Kombi (1970 – 1980)
  • Leyland Mini
  • Ford F250 / F150
  • Ford Cortina MK I
  • Ford Escort MK I And MK II
  • Volvo 122 S.2 & 4 Door
  • VW Golf I
  • Ford Capri 69 – 73
  • Ford Anglia 1960 – 1967
  • Datsun 1200 & GX
  • Nissan 1400 Bakkie

Our car rubber sealing kits are manufactured from the highest quality materials in order to provide our clients with superior quality products at competitive prices. We are part of a much larger family and is supplied by possibly the largest rubber manufacturer in South Africa. Their Mixing plant is modern and highly effective and we mix EPDM, EPDM sponge, SBR, NBR, Nitrile and Neoprene.

Throughout the production process quality is ensured by using Shadow graph Abrasion testers, Flock testers, Bond testing equipment, Chemical analyzers, Rheo meters, Mooney Viscometers and Tensile testers.
The factory has ISO 9001 certification, ensuring high quality products and service to our clients.

Pro Auto Rubber is a leading supplier of car rubber sealing kits, as well as a wide range of other rubber products that are used predominantly in the automotive sectors, however we also supply to other industries.

To further service our clients with quality and prestige we are always upgrading our range of car rubber sealing kits and other rubber products, ensuring we are up to date with new technology as well as worldwide trends.

We are proud to currently be the second tier supplier of imported goods to Ford Motor Company as well as General Motors South Africa. Our dream goal is to become the top tier supplier to all OEM’s in South Africa.

The heartbeat of Pro Auto Rubber is our Mission where we aim to operate the best OEM standard facility and produce locally only world class products for canopies, trailers, trucks, cars, bus bodies, containers, ships and buildings.

We maintain that: “To our customers we will be that preferred supplier who offers complete sealing solutions”

So if you are looking for car rubber sealing kits that suit your needs perfectly, come to the leaders in the rubber industry, Pro Auto Rubber.